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Normality reaches new levels in Venezuela
*for a wider definition of the term please contact vice president Jose Vicente Rangel

By Aleksander Boyd

- The first coupster of the country's democratic history refers to any dissenting voice as such

- In spite of being a democratic state, the armed forces have permeated the public administration to levels only seen in dictatorships

- Guerrilla leaders enjoy protection from the state (FARC meeting in Caracas)

- International convicts enter the country with diplomatic passports (Wladimiro Montesinos)

- The armed forces seize control of the police due to its disobedience of presidential mandates

- The president in national TV dishonours the justices of the Supreme Court. Their rulings are not to be observed by pro government parties

- 18.000 employees are sacked for political reasons

- The person who asked for the president's resignation and made it public is promoted to Interior Minister

- Venezuela has today the only democratically elected president in Latin America who has been sued for crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court

- The police forces of the country -especially those of Caracas- are subject to constant attacks by government funded armed militia groups with the leniency of the president and the help of the armed forces

- Assassins caught in the act are declared heroes by the president

- In spite of the dramatic levels of unemployment, the nationalistic president invites and promotes foreign workers

- Justice is administered only to those opposing the government. Grave crimes such as the massacre of last April continue to be unpunished

- The state is actively engaged in blocking the administration of justice

- Explosive artefacts are used on a constant basis to deter opposition leaders (explosion of a bomb outside Enrique Mendoza's house)

- Outspoken journalists are attacked repeatedly (the most recent example being Marta Colomina)

- Despite having the second highest crime statistics of the continent, the president orders the intervention of the largest police force of Caracas

- Nearly 34.000 Venezuelans have been killed since the president took office. By this time next year 11.000 more will have lost their lives (at the present rate)

- The national assembly meets in parks

- High government officials have criminal records, including the president

- The biggest obstacle for democratic processes is the president

- Irresponsible oil production is destroying the only revenue generating enterprise of the country

- The nationalistic president offers the total control of the state's oil company to the US for an annual fee

- People have been assassinated in the vicinity of the presidential palace while the president addresses the nation from it

- The president and many of its immediate collaborators incite violence

- Language of hate is constantly used by the president

- Invasions and seizure of private property is promoted from the presidency

- The president and his armed militia groups are directly responsible for more than 55 political assassinations

- The president forbids reconnaissance flights to the DEA

- Humanitarian aid is held at ransom by custom authorities

- Humanitarian aid is used for political propaganda

- The Church is declared enemy of the state

- Unarmed civilians are shot by the armed forces


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