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Venezuela 2021

Editorial by Aleksander Boyd

The ageing president is terminally ill, long years of battles and political intrigues seem to be catching up with him. The peaceful atmosphere of Camp David is subtly disturbed by the constant coming and going of collaborators, guerrilla leaders and members of the new order. They are all very worried about the death of their great leader. At the turn of the century, a national strike in his home country of Venezuela triggered a series of events, which unexpectedly changed the political climate and the conditions in the whole hemisphere.

Nearly thirty years ago, Hugo Chavez was a Lt. Colonel of the Venezuelan army. One of the last democratically elected presidents of that nation (Carlos Andres Perez), had imposed a series of economic measures dictated by the IMF which brought about hardship to the poor sectors of the country whom were accustomed to have all of their necessities cared for by the paternalistic state. This action was the signal that Hugo Chavez was expecting. He commanded a failed coup, which catapulted him to fame and recognition among his compatriots. Fortune was already smiling to him, after being in prison for a very short period of time considering the graveness of his behaviour, late Rafael Caldera -then president of Venezuela- mysteriously ordered his release. He came out renewed and using his reputation as an anti-establishment character, was elected to the presidency in 1998. In 2002, an attempt to oust him made him realize the importance of fulfilling his plans of converting Venezuela in the centre of terrorism worldwide.

The network of contacts he had gathered in his constant journeys around the planet was to be used in the achievement of his plan. He invited mercenaries and renegades from the four corners of the planet and with the sage advice of late Fidel Castro and Manuel Marulanda he embarked in the total annihilation of his political opponents. In the meantime, the focus of the world was cantered in Baghdad. Saddam Hussein, resisted the attack of the coalition forces long enough until the Arab nations united and defeated the coalition not only there but also at a global scale. The Jihad movement crystallized and Americans, British, Jewish, Spanish were persecuted mercilessly. Owing to his personal relationship with Bin Laden, Hussein and fundamentalist leaders, Hugo Chavez was very well positioned to start reaping the benefits of his alliance. With the help of Castro, Marulanda and the terrorist network he invaded Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. The smaller nations were subdued equally.

The almighty USA was only a poor image of her former self, the long and arduous war in the Middle East crippled its economy, high levels of crime were decimating the population, the world bank and IMF controlled now by the new order called for payments, in sum nothing could have prevented its debacle. Latin and North Americans were living in a state of misery. The process of gaining control and overthrowing the old establishment by the new order had a terrible cost. Huge commercial conglomerates, oil firms, banks, computer companies were destroyed under the incompetent management imposed by the regime. There was no work or prospects of making a decent living. Food, clothing, medicines, education were rationed and administered by the omnipresent state.

Then the calm reigned for almost two decades. Hussein, Bin Laden, Castro, Marulanda and all the rest of them died in the struggle. The only one left was Chavez whom after completing his task moved the headquarters of his empire to Camp David. From there, he consolidated his movement using the widespread anti-American/globalisation/capitalism sentiment among the new generation whom were easy prey of his chavist-socialist-marxist ideals. The Middle East and the whole of Europe and Asia was to be controlled by a coalition of fundamentalists and Koreans and the Americas was to be controlled by Chavez and his collaborators.

As his meeting with death approaches, his collaborators are worried. Another Venezuelan leader has born. Cells of resistance are popping up everywhere and internally no one has the skills to confront him. They have been secretly killing and fighting each other for 20 years now. Only the great leader is capable of facing the enemy but is only too late. His end is imminent, his dammed empire about to collapse.

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