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My stance is pro Venezuelan

By Aleksander Boyd

It appears that having a pro Venezuelan stance can produce a conflict of interest or views. The left and the right are clearly differentiated and the same applies to communism and capitalism, mercantilism and market economies and so on, although with respect to Venezuela confusion arises. The communiqués emanated by the OAS, US admin, Group of Friends and EU clearly state that the Venezuelan crisis must be resolved by the Venezuelan people. In light of this, it is quite clear to me that putting the weight of the resolution of the conflict on international shoulders is completely wrong and unfounded. As good as the intentions of the international community may be, the actual fact is that there is very little they can possibly do to remove Hugo Chavez from office.

The revoking referendum is the only and last democratic resource that Venezuelans have to end this disgraceful chapter. If it is blocked by the government, the scene will be set for more chaos, violence and possibly a civil eruption of unknown dimensions. Therefore, the international community should be sufficiently informed about these circumstances so that we can gain their support. Expecting more than that is wishful thinking.

Regarding the opposition, I know it never existed as an entity and the void space was filled by opportunists. In this sense I wonder where are the brave people of Venezuela. We don't need Ortegas and Fernandez' to defend us, we need normal individuals without political past who can stand up fierce and tell the tinpot dictator to piss off or else suffer the consequences. We need someone who can blend with the majority of Venezuelans from all sectors of society and shake us out of our mortal lethargy. People were marching because it was cool, a sort of catharsis for their otherwise boring lives. Would they have been totally committed to the cause of rescuing the nation they would not have stopped marching, protesting, banging pots, boycotting the government regardless of being summoned or not by the Ortegas, Fernandez', etc. I do what I do not because someone is encouraging or prompting me to do it, I do it because I have a moral duty with my country.

Thus, when it comes to take sides I am in the only possible side which is in effect the Venezuelan side, a proud one, not motivated by sentimentalism, certainly from the right although a firm believer in the huge importance of social justice. I dream about the day a Venezuelan president will be able to seat in the world's table as an equal and not as some stupid wanker from the third world, to be able to represent with dignity and integrity the interests of all of us, to have not to recourse to kickbacks, to be not deceived by absurd promises, to deliver to his electors and more importantly to talk the talk and walk the walk of international diplomacy and intrigue. That's what I want, maybe I'm a dreamer or perhaps just plain stupid I don't know, what I do know is that no one will solve our problems but ourselves. Unfortunately my stance is interpreted as being anti-American because I have said that Bush is too busy with the distribution of the Iraqi pie to pay any attention to the Venezuelan case and I don't think Bush is the panacea. I'm not taking position against America, I call it like it is. Venezuela does not need America but the resolute disposition of its citizens to get rid of Hugo Chavez, that will suffice.

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