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By Aleksander Boyd

As the creator and editor of Vcrisis, director of ProVeO and exerting my right to freedom of expression I feel compelled to raise my voice about some issues. The present circumstances of world affairs and geopolitics are paving the way to increase extremism. Saddam Hussein biggest crime to date -in the eyes of the international community- was his attempt to use oil as a weapon to condition his permanence in power. Bush & Blair, have been rather busy trying to convince the general public about the urgent necessity of removing the Iraqi dictator for humanitarian reasons. Humanitarian reasons? I think not!! Iraq reserves of oil are second only to those of Saudi Arabia. In times of recent economic embargo, 50 % of Iraqi oil was flowing to the American market, yes you read it correctly 50 %. The USA consumes 40 % of the world's gasoline production and a quarter of the total oil production. Their own production, contrary to what everyone believes, picked in 1978 and it's been decreasing ever since according to analysts. Should the current rate of energy consumption remains in the same trend in America, their reserves will last only 8 years. Whereas countries like Iraq or Venezuela have reserves which will last about 50 years depending of course in production levels. "Big Oil" is choked with the prospect of getting their hands on the Iraqi reserves and they are most certainly imposing the rules of the game behind the scenes.

Having said that, I need to stress that the humanitarian factor is completely irrelevant nowadays. Prime example of it is the Venezuelan case. Hugo Chavez differs from Saddam Hussein only in that the latter has been in power a longer period of time. Their ulterior motives are equal, i.e. to subjugate their compatriots in order to ransack rapaciously the wealth generated from the riches of their countries and to use it as means of perpetrating themselves in power. Last night, the BBC aired a program about Hugo Chavez, international news outlets have been echoing all sorts of statements coming from the Venezuelan president and his henchmen. There must be a reason to explain why Saddam on the one hand is the number one threat to western societies and as such he has been marketed and on the other hand Hugo Chavez having an appalling record of humanitarian abuses and crimes continues to be portrayed as the darling of the poor. Could it be that since Venezuelan oil keeps flowing to the US none of it matters? Or perhaps the hypothesis of lucrative contracts to be had in reconstructing the already in shambles PDVSA? Or maybe even to eliminate PDVSA altogether as a worldwide contender among energy companies whilst Chavez plays his game of Robin Hood? Whatever it is, freedom loving Venezuelans are in the middle of this collision course between the crystallization of the Bolivarian revolution and international energy interests.

The amount of money involved in oil markets is overwhelming. Taking that into account, to even consider the possibility of changing the political game on humanitarian reasons is plain wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the battle for control of the once almighty PDVSA has brought about levels of misery to the Venezuelan people unrecorded in the contemporary history of the country. Alas this detail does not count. Hugo Chavez is using PDVSA's monies to buy all kinds of favors and opinions from the world's "most respected" news sources and the BBC is only one of the accomplice companies at the receiving end of this deal. About seven days ago, I was doing searches in Google and Yahoo for the following subjects:
"crisis venezuela"
"venezuela crisis"
"human rights violations venezuela"
"hugo chavez venezuela"
"terrorism venezuela"
"hugo chavez terrorism"
In the first four Vcrisis continues to appear right at the top of the search -even before BBC and organizations of the stature of Human Rights and Amnesty International-. The last two, after some corrections that I made to the page, were resulting in Vcrisis being right at the top of the search of many possible results. I repeated the operation daily to monitor any changes. A couple of days ago I wrote an article about Hugo Chavez and his international rabble, referring to the Gott's, Weisbrot's, Lemoine's and Ramonet's of this planet. Yesterday I had a big rumpus with a member of the BBC. Incredibly as it may sound, Google as well as Yahoo have removed Vcrisis from the search results dealing with the relationship between Hugo Chavez and terrorism. Is it just coincidence, or is it that someone is trying to silence me? I would like to ask to all my readers to help me in the slander fight against Hugo Chavez. I do not want financial help, however linking this site to many others increase the chances of our truth being read by more people. I would like to urge the writers, economists, journalists, lawyers, businessmen, citizens of Venezuela whom are victims of this barbaric regime to forward your reports and opinion pieces, to help me convert this site in the voice of freedom, in the symbol of our genuine right to freely express our ideas, in example for history that an entire nation will not be defeated by a bunch of criminals. One thing is certain, we are on our own. The least thing that we could do is stick together. Please help me to help Venezuela.

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