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Alvaro Uribe keeps outchavezing Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

08.03.08 | Many people have asked me in the last few days about the 'looming war' that Venezuela and Ecuador were to wage against Colombia. Thing is, observers did not notice that Chavez's 'lethal army' was held up for 7 hours in Autopista Regional del Centro by a handful of taxi drivers that blocked roads in protest of rampant insecurity. I refused to take part in the charade, for I felt that the MSM did a pretty good job in reporting Raul Reyes' killing and the subsequent juicy bits that came out from his computers. As it turns Colombia not only dealt a mortal blow to FARC's narcoterrorism, but Chilean and Mexican extremist political and student movements, Russian arms dealers and some uranium broker, Venezuela's and Ecuador's presidents and the whole Bolivarian revolution farce have been deeply affected. To those of us who have been saying that Hugo Chavez is, and has been all along, in bed with FARC, late news are reason to celebrate. Having been vindicated, by information coming coming out from Reyes' own laptop nonetheless, is just great. And Uribe, I am sure, is sitting on a mountain of evidence linking Chavez to all sorts of illegal stuff. The biggest looser of the tragicomedy, fortunately, is Hugo Chavez: a president that, not content with allowing Venezuela to become Colombia's cocaine produce launching pad, offers oil, funds, weapons, refuge, political support and state contracts to a narcoterrorist organization, effectively becoming a de facto advocate for drug dealing terrorists. This is the same president that Ken Livingstone and some rather fanatic English MPs support, but we all know how utterly deranged these other people are, don't we? No need of crucial information from laptops to confirm that. The Summit yesterday has to go down in history as one of the decisive episodes of Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador contemporary histories: a man gives a bunch of dwarfs a real diplomacy class, Colombia's Alvaro Uribe outchavezes Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and his Ecuadorian puppet Rafael Correa before the world. Uribe, que grande eres mi hermano!!

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