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Venezuela's Chavez: that ungrateful SOB

By Aleksander Boyd

Marbella 14.11.07 | "Spanish investment in Venezuela is not indispensable for us, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, Banco Santander ... we don't need them," reported Reuters that Chavez said at a news conference. Is this the same Hugo Chavez that got $1,525,586 in 1998-99 from Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya? What an ungrateful SOB that Chavez, now that he commands unrestrictedly Venezuela's monies 'he doesn't need' Spanish banks any more...

Back at the plantation preparations for the referendum on the illegal constitutional reform continue apace, with news coming from the electoral ministry canceling the debates that were to be had about it, while internationally wanted narcoterrorists are given statesmen-like treatment. And relations with regional neighbours don't seem to be going well: Petrobras exits Venezuela project, Chile's President Bachelet reiterates that Chile doesn't want Chavez PETRO-AID.

The caudillo and his minions continue to insult the intelligence and dignity of Venezuelans, who despite oil boom have to scramble for food: his former VP by citing numbers of fake pollster North American Opinion Research while the clown in command repeats for the umpteenth time, without providing one shred of evidence, that the equally phony Plan Balboa has been put to practice with the intention of assassinating him, while assuring that there will be war if something were to happen to him.

Why wouldn't he just shut up?

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