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Venezuela: constitutional amendment illegal according to Supreme Court

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.09.07 | It turns out that Venezuela's Supreme Court ruled against indefinite reelection only in March last year, as can be seen in this sentence. The ruling, based on a preceding decision, stressed the fact that indefinite reelection puts Venezuela's democracy in jeopardy and alters the country's constitutional framework and in no uncertain terms declared it illegal. Just in case chavistas try to pull a fast one, as they did recently with Chavez's own statements against staying in power indefinitely, I have saved all pages and files related to both sentences of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court.

However these sentences put in perspective the sheer illegality of Chavez's wet dream of becoming Fidel's mini me. The opposition is, as usual, desperately pushing the country further into the abyss by accepting the illegal amendments. They know of the existence of these rulings, from the highest court in the land nonetheless, yet they continue playing the 'democratic' charade imposed by the Bolivarians. It beggars belief how the opposition establishment in its entirety has failed to realize that debating something illegal implies acceptance of it, but then again Chavez, as Red Ken, has been blessed by having such bunch of incompetent halfwits as foes.

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