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Venezuela: Ex Yaracuy Governor Lapi escapes [update]

By Daniel Duquenal

03.04.07 | As it were not enough with my previous post, reading Tal Cual today was a fascinating experience (all the articles referred below in here).

First, one thing that I would have never thought I would read: the editorial of Tal Cual fully endorses the escape of Lapi. That is, someone who is allegedly a criminal, who should be in a trial for corruption, and a major opinion paper endorses him running away from the law! But it gets better: the editorial squarely puts the blame on the judicial manipulation on the current governor of Yaracuy, Gimenez, and does not even bother writing his name with capital initial: now Gimenez is merely carlos giménez, alias “lalo”. lalo being a nickname of the governor.

But it was not enough for Teodoro, he also gets on El Aissami case, someone that readers of this blog did not need to wait for Tal Cual to know what individual he is. Teodoro calls that character: un tal Tarek El Aissami, viceministro de algo en Mininterior, a certain Tarek El Aissami, viceminister of something in Mininterior. I cannot think of words to make that Tarek a complete nonentity in office because, well, they needed someone to do that type of gross actions....

There is also a blurb on the famous case that brought Lapi to jail with a pertinent comment on how much money gimemez wasted on that instead of solving it.,

Plus an interview on Lapi granted a few days before his escape. Many of the gross judicial iniquities are narrated there.

Now, this is very serious because Tal Cual takes on the judicial system head on, risking severe retaliation and penalty. When you read Tal Cual today and hear the words of Luisa Morales on TV you cannot but help wonder whether the woman is lying or if she is that misinformed (or that partisan). Whichever it is, there are grounds to impeach her and fire her from her position. And I am not talking of what is going one between her and the National Assembly... My guess? She is simply so incompetent that she does not know what is going on. And since she is also so partisan, then her words cannot surprise us. And of course soon enough she will have to start lying, in case she is not doing it already.

Watching that woman tell the country on VTV (like Chavez she would not be caught dead in front of a real reporter) that Lapi and Venezuelans should trust Venezuelan justice is such an affront to our intelligence that words fail me to condemn her.

PS: Arzola and Lapi's wife were on TV a few minutes ago. According to their words they do not know that Lapi escaped. For them he has "disappeared". That is, they have no idea where he is and he has not contacted ANYONE KNOWN to say that he is safe and sound and in hiding. In an era of disposable cell phones, someone who can plan such an escape is quite able to call some newspaper to identify himself. Lapi's voice is very well known for his nasal sound by the Venezuelan press. If Lapi does not send sign pretty soon, we can start heavy speculation....

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