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On Lula's meddling in Venezuela's presidential race

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 14.11.06 | Much ado in town about the disgraceful declarations of Lula during the inauguration of the second bridge over the Orinoco river. In the perfect revolutionary setting, i.e. a paid 'adoring' uniformly colored crowd cheering the militaristic caudillo, Lula, Brazil's President that is, allowed himself to say that he was certain that as it had happened in Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Brazil the people of Venezuela will reelect Hugo Chavez for a third term. Why third term some will ask? Well Hugo was elected in December 1998, then, after doing away with all institutions and elected powers of Venezuela and extending the presidential term to six years -reelection included- via a national constituent assembly in December 1999, he ordered a pseudo legitimation process and got himself reelected in 2000. Now Lula thinks that Hugo, the ever useful partner, will get a third term. Frankly I do not understand the outcry. Lula, allegedly a politician born in union ranks, broke the spine of striking PDVSA workers in 2002 by sending oil and other refined products. Lula, allegedly a democrat, is the founding father -together with that other democrat that rules Cuba- of South America's largest and most powerful terrorist organization, also known as The Sao Paulo Forum (SPF). Presiding the SPF Lula broke an extraofficial agreement with other SPF's comrades to benefit Chavez prior to the recall referendum of 2004, as he admitted in a political event celebrating the 15 years of the Sao Paulo Forum in Sao Paulo, 02 July 2005. Thus why the fuss?

Comrade Lula is just playing his game, Lula is just seeking to profit from Hugo, Lula is just returning the favour for the multibillion dollar contracts that Hugo has entered into with Brazilian companies, that's all. If, in the meanwhile, he exposes his true self, who cares? He's just won another term but as presidential candidate Manuel Rosales said yesterday "not even Lula is going to save Chavez"

Expect more interference and propaganda, expect more fabricated polls -from American companies nonetheless, expect the arrival of resented armchair revolutionaries from around the world, expect sandalistas coming to 'defend' the revolution, expect the radicalization of the caudillo, expect attacks from his thugs and then some more. None of that is going to save Chavez for he has already lost.

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