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Ken Livingstone does Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 05.11.06 | Yesterday I arrived at La India just after 9am so that I could walk the whole lenght of the rally. Jose Orozco, a local fixer contracted by the BBC, called to arrange a meeting with him and Vic, a Beeb's cameraman who had landed in the country the previous day. The BBC wanted my views with regards to the visit to Venezuela of London's Mayor Ken Livingstone, which will be covered in detail. A short interview in which Jose asked some questions pertaining Chavez's human rights record, atmosphere in opposition rallies, whether Livingstone's visit was to benefit either of them, and what was the Mayor's understanding of the Venezuelan political situation followed in Avenida O'Higgings. Vic and Jose went on to film the gathering crowd.

I asked Vic whether he had seen and filmed chavista rabble rousers that were located in La India. He said he did and also relayed to me that he felt uncomfortable, somewhat threatened by them. No wonder, the 'love' they have received from their messianic leader has poisoned their spirit to a point of no return and, although they pretend to be peaceful, all violent acts I have seen thus far have been started by them. Vic was particularly shocked after I told him how some journalist had to go about their business with bullet proof vests and gas masks, something unthinkable in London.

I also told him that I could take him to Cota 905, 5 minute drive from where we were, so that he could film the 'most progressive' land distribution programme implemented by the regime, whereby dispossesed people are giving carte blanche to invade land belonging to private parties or the state. That's as far as the 'programme' goes. No construction materials are given to them, lest of course posters of Rosales with the devil, so readers can imagine the sort of shacks they build in unstable areas deforested by them. All the while the National Guard 'protects' them from a makeshift alcabala. That Red Ken is coming to get fuel for London's bus fleet? Perhaps the BBC should ask this woman -who also lives 5 minutes from where we were- what does she think of the Chavez-Livingstone oil for propaganda affair.

Disgust is too kind a term to describe what most Venezuelans think about parasites such as Ken Livingstone, individuals incapable of empathising with the misery of less fortunate human beings. London is a bustling metropolis. London's poor receive more money through wellfare programmes than most low middle class Venezuelans, let alone the truly poor. I live there, in Camden nonetheless, so no one can tell me otherwise. Yet 'socialist' Livingstone comes all the way from London, god knows at whose expense, to seal an oil deal that goes in detriment to the disenfranchised of this country.

Another TV crew from ITV News also made its way from London. They too want to hear my views and ask Livingstone a few questions. Talking to my father in law about my dispute with Livingstone the other day he said calmly "don't get upset, justice will be made, but that'll happen once Chavez is out. You don't have the means to take on Livingstone while he's supported by Chavez. Wait for your moment" and I reckon that's precisely what I shall do. Manuel Rosales has repeatedly stated that Chavez's give aways are to finish immediately once he reaches office. So I guess in January, when I'm due back in London, I'll pick up where I left...

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