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He only offers fear

Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

The candidate of continuity is feeling in his spine the chill of uncertainty and the fear of losing. He feels the ground moving and that his gunpowder is wet. Up to now, he has only made two new electoral offers, the creation of a single party and his indefinite reelection. Everything else is the same scratched vinyl that not even his supporters listen to anymore. But, besides this, in the face of this empty electoral offer, he resorts without shame to the use of fear as an electoral instrument. Not happy with having created a generalized atmosphere of fear in the whole country, he now devotes his time to scare his own voters. His last witticism was that of “warning” that if Rosales wins “the Cubans” (That’s exactly what he said, he did not even mention the doctors) would be kicked out of the country and Barrio Adentro would be eliminated.

One would think that such a ridiculous argument would be left aside by the candidate of continuity and given to his minions of fourth or fifth level and he would continue navigating the skies of the debate of ideas that VP Rangel is calling for. The squalidness of his last “massive” rallies, his reluctance to visit the popular barrios, the certainty that recently he has been screwing up way above his usual standards on that matter, have led him to personally assume the handling of the campaign of fear.

He is going to fail. He is sub estimating the intelligence of his listeners; nobody can be that stupid to believe that Rosales, who has presented a social program (“Mi Negra”) aimed at taking care of the needs of the poorest sectors of our society, at the same time that he implements economic and employment programs to promote investment and create jobs, could have in mind eliminating social programs. In fact, the Zulia Governorship maintains a whole set of them, much better implemented than those of the central government, which represent the best counter argument to the strategy of fear.

With respect to the social programs (“Misiones”), the policy will be one of assembling them with “Mi Negra”, freeing them of the corruption, waste and political sectarianism that accompanies them today, to guarantee their clean management and that access to them is not conditioned to any sort of party toll.

Barrio Adentro will be opened to Venezuelan medical doctors, to base it on Venezuelans and not on foreign professionals.

As long as the presence of these is necessary (because the substitution of such numerous personnel is not possible overnight), their contract with them will no longer be a mystery and will be made in an open and clearly budgeted way. Only someone brain dead would eliminate a primary medical assistance system like Barrio Adentro. But you can be sure that Barrio Afuera, that is the hospitals and health clinics that are today bare, will be the subject of a special program for their recovery and endowment.

The serpent has bitten its own tail. Fear has now reached the Great Terrorizer of the county.

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