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Venezuela lying about its narcotics operations

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 19.09.06 | Union Radio has a very odd article today. Citing EFE as the original source, it has to do with the seizure in the Dominican Republic of a 2.250 tons cocaine consignment that was allegedly shipped from Venezuela. Authorities of Santo Domingo were purportedly tipped by Venezuelan antinarcotics intelligence agents about the incoming cargo, that was seized in the port of Caucedo, some 29 Kilometres east of Santo Domingo. The article explains that the seizure occurs the very same day the US government released a report critical of the lack of cooperation of Venezuela in the fight against drug traffic. However the ship that transported the drugs, according to EFE, is the vessel "Sierra Express." Oddly enough onboard a ship with exactly the same name a 2.222 tons cocaine consignment was seized by Puerto Rico's authorities, in collaboration with DEA and FBI agents, only 6 days ago.

EFE reports that according to local anti-drug chief Roberto Lebron the ship, which loaded its cargo in Puerto Cabello, had made a first stop in Puerto Rico before continuing to Caucedo where it was ultimately seized. The capture is a "significant strike" in the fight against drug trafficking added Lebron, who went on to say that this was the largest-ever haul of drugs seized in his country.

Therefore we must conclude a) that the FBI, DEA and Puerto Rico's coastguard services permitted the Sierra Express -loaded with drugs- to continue en route to the Dominican Republic loaded; or b) that a ship with the same name loaded an almost equal amount of cocaine in the same port of origin in Venezuela that was ultimately apprehended In Santo Domingo thanks to the excellent job done in collaboration with Venezuelan intelligence.

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