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While Livingstone sucks Venezuela's resources...

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 18.09.06 | The cornerstone of Chavez's presidency has been to buy acceptance with Venezuela's resources. The love for the poor that he dispensed turned, a long time ago, into complete indifference for their plights. Caracas is a city ravaged by crime and misery. As a matter of fact more people die here on a daily basis that in war zones such as Iraq, yet Chavez pledges his undying commitment to Ahmadinejad, a man who amongst other things wants to wipe Israel off the map.

The metro system is chock full of propaganda, both the trains and the platforms: the motto in most of the ads is "con Chavez gobernamos todos" with Chavez we all govern. Is that so? Does the wheelchair man in the pictures below -who was begging for spare change- took part in the process of deciding what to do with his resources? Does he agree to subsidise the transport system of Europe's richest city?

I was appalled by this most inhumane and undignifying act and believe me there is more, much more, all around this town. I live in London and I can imagine the sort of outcry that such a scene would produce, from all but Red Ken's quarters, yet wheelchair's man president goes around the world saying that he cares deeply for the poor. What a load of rubbish.

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