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Fidel or Rosales

By Teodoro Petkoff

08.09.06 | The absence of sense of ridicule as well as lacking the most elemental creativity has placed the campaign of the continuity candidate under the admonition of idiotic slogans such as the one used upon return from his UN's Security Council vote-begging trip: "breaking the embargo"

Embargo? What embargo? Gross imitation of Cuban slogans that's what it is. Could the case be that the USA has stopped buying Venezuelan oil -as they did with Cuban sugar, and we haven't noticed? No.

As it turns we continue being the USA's most safe and loyal supplier of oil. Could the case be that the Yanks decided to stop exports to Venezuela? Neither.

80% of the imports that arrive in our shores come from the USA. So what then? About what embargo are we talking about here? Or are there a Helms-Burton law and a Torricelli law, especially drafted for Venezuela, that forbids other countries from trading with ours? If that were to be the case, it's evident that our trading partners haven't been informed of the perils they may get into should their goods arrive in Venezuelan ports.

At the end, this clownish slogan about an "embargo" banalizes the one imposed in Cuba more than 40 years ago. Always trying to transform his banana-republic performance into an epic deed, the continuity candidate lives a vicarious epopoeia through the experiences of others.

The same applies to his trying to establish the Chavez and Bush dilemma. It is nothing but a tacky copy of the famous "Braden or Perón." Nothing new under the sun. Besides, it was so obvious that they would recourse to such disjunctive, that it doesn't even surprise.

One doesn't have to be shrewd to perceive that if such is the premise upon which Venezuelans will have to choose the presidential race, then the choice will be Rosales or Fidel.

For it is not that the Yanks haven't taking advantage here, or that they won't continue to do so in the future, but rather, if its interference we are talking about here, we never had had such an enormous foreign presence as the Cuban, even in sensible areas that gravely affect our sovereignty such as security and the armed forces.

It is rather curious that he who maintains a regime of permanent consultation with the Cuban dictator wants Venezuelans to believe that we have to chose between him and Bush.

It is not Rosales the one who keeps asking advice to the leader of a foreign nation.

Fact is that, in reality, we must opt between a corrupt and inept proyect -whose care about hiding its militaristic, authoritarian and autocratic nature decreases by the day- and the possibility of trying to impede that such totalitarian orientation ends up breaking us.

Chavez or Bush? No! Fidel or Rosales!!

Source Tal Cual

Translated By Alek Boyd

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