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Chavez home to win election [update 2]

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.09.06 | I thought the title of this article -in the original "Chavez home to win election" published by Cuban spinmeisters at Prensa Latina- is just brilliant, for, presumably unintentionally, it encapsulates rather neatly widely held perceptions about Chavez's commitmment to his own country: the Cubans, rightly point out, that he has finally decided to come home and win an election. Equally the title conveys that Chavez being home is a rarity, not surprisingly considering that of his 8 years in power he has been away a total of 400 days. The revisited version follows.

Caracas, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) A swirling "Bolivarian Smartmatic hurricane" is surrounding the December elections, described by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who is leading paying for all polls.

# Venezuela Fingers US Cuban Puppet Runner

After a tour of luring China, Malaysia, Syria, Angola and Cuba, he has come home with a portfolio of agreements a pledge to give away billions in diverse energy and defence sectors for millions in investments granted without bidding at the detriment of Venezuela's interests in a desperate attempt to secure votes for a non-veto seat at the UN Security Council.

Greeted by thousands of a shrinking crowd of paid supporters, he renewed commitments -see he wasn't committed so he had to renew his commitment!!- for the December election and alluded stressed upon a possible referendum in 2010 to establish indefinite presidential re-election.

Polls currently place him at between 55 and 57 percent 27%, in contrast to 29% for his main opponent Manuel Rosales.

Chinese and Belarusian delegations are on the eve of arriving to check on execution of agreements already signed between them and Venezuela.

Investments in housing, plants for cellular telephone, televisions, personal computers, trucks and construction equipment missile-shield systems and energy stand out among projects soon to be firmed up.

The beginning of September brought a minimum wage boosted by 25 10 percent, made possible by the favorable of behavior of the economy volatility of energy markets which has inflated oil prices to record highs producing extraordinary income for Venezuela's economy, which registered growth of 9.6 percent in the first semester of this year.

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