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Cuba on Fidel Castro's death watch*

By Val Prieto

09.08.06 | Amid the spattering of reports coming from Cuba via the MSM., most of which are basically parroting the Cuban government's "official" press releases, here's what we know for sure, a full eight days after the big succession of power:

- fidel castro had some type of intestinal surgery.

- A letter dictating the transition of power to raul castro was presented with some speculation as to its authenticity.

- During his 47 year reign of the island, and despite many health concerns and operations, fidel castro never once ceded power to anyone esle.

- Cuban men of military age have been called into service throughout the country.

- The Cuban people have been apprehensive about being outside and talking, even amongst themselves.

- Some communications to and from the island have been disrupted.

- Hugo Chavez has not been to Cuba to visit his mentor.

- Hugo Chavez recalled his brother, the ambassador in Havana.

- raul castro has made no public appearance since the "succession" of power.

- fidel castro has made no public statement or appearance since the "surgery."

- Carnaval celebrations have been cancelled throughout the island.

- fidel castro's birthday celebration slated for August 13th has been postponed until December.

The above are all facts that have been verified via numerous sources. If I have missed anything, please let me know in the comments section.

*Original title "What's going on in Cuba." Source Babalu Blog

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