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The UN-likely victory of AMLO in Mexico

By Aleksander Boyd

London 17.06.06 | UN... has got, among the definitions of un, this Usage Note: The negative prefix un- attaches chiefly to adjectives (unable, unclean, unequal, unripe, unsafe) and participles used as adjectives (unfeeling, unflinching, unfinished, unsaid), and less frequently to nouns (unbelief, unconcern, unrest). Sometimes the noun form of an adjective with the un- prefix has the prefix in-, as in inability, inequality, injustice, and instability... It follows then that the prefix is a most appropriate definition, which encapsulates rather neatly the nature of the organization behind the acronym.

The United Nations (UN) is an organization where chronic and systematic human rights violators get to sit in its human rights council. The UN is an organization whose African Secretary General ignores the inhuman conditions of his African brethren. The UN is an organization marred in corruption scandals. The UN is the venue that allows for dictators to wax philosophical about freedom. The UN is the cave from where ensconced, faceless antis play with the lives, future and monies of millions. The UN is just that un.

Mexican media reports that an UN-trustworthy mission criticised President Fox alleged support of Felipe Calderon for having clouded (enturbia) the presidential electoral process. The UNcouth mission went as far as suggesting that Fox's behaviour could be used to call into question the race results. Looks like a Lopez Obrador victory is UN-likely...

Can someone please remind me of similar UN-diplomatic remarks with regards to other electoral processes in the region in which a president has openly abused his office, budgets, media and powers in support of his candidates or himself? Would the UN-critical observers voice similar concerns vis-a-vis the meddling of Hugo Chavez in favour of Lopez Obrador, Ollanta Humala and Daniel Ortega? Again, UN-likely...

The USA, as the largest financial contributor, should unmask, unplug and unearth the UN from its territory. Let them go to and be sustained by other 'united' nations.

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