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Chavez continues meddling in Peru's elections

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03.06.06 | Do readers remember the North American Opinion Research (NAOR) affair? That pollster that kept publishing incredible numbers of support for Chavez whose owners happen to be associates of his regime? Well yesterday Bolpress, one must assume Evo Morales' version of Granma, publishes a short article entitled "Humala va primero" (Humala leads the race) where it is suggested that Humala has a healthy lead (55%) over Garcia (37%) according to the very 'respectable' NAOR, which, needs be stressed, is the only pollster publishing such numbers.

Let me be real clear about something here: NAOR is a fake pollster, its owners, Julio Makaren et al, are up to the neck in corruption scandals that go right to the top of the Bolivarian revolutionary regime and no poll result published by them has one shred of credibility. According to Peruvian legislation it is forbidden to publish poll results since past Monday, ergo Chavez had his minions publish this sort of BS in Evo's propaganda organs and in Argentina's La Nacion, in a clearly desperate attempt of rescuing Humala from certain defeat this Sunday, although Argentinian experts are quoted as having dismissed NAOR's results as lacking credibility.

But fabricating poll results is not the sole domain whereby Chavez interferes in the sovereign matters of Andean nations. He also sends army cronies to wreak havok and finances destabilising movements as admitted by one Moises Boyer. Furthermore the negative effect that an association with the Venezuelan pariah is such that both Humala and his wife, meant to be the brain behind him, have declared recently that they have got nothing to do with him. Too little too late. They must have thought about that before cozying up to and accepting 'in-kind' favours from a man fast approaching persona non grata status in many parts of South America. But then again it would have been foolish to expect otherwise from a Montesinos' minion...

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