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Sao Paulo: one of those places...

By Aleksander Boyd

Sao Paulo 17.05.06 | There are places that one instantly dislikes and its rather hard to explain why. I remember when I first crossed the bridge to enter Montreal, coming from New York City in a bus, I felt that I was coming to the wrong place for some reason. To the contrary, my stay in Montreal was one of the best experiences I have had. Sao Paulo on the other hand feels pretty much like home, in spite of the fact that upon landing the driver who was to pick me up from the airport said that the death toll was up to 86 and climbing.

This city feels really good. Its dynamism but above all else the openness of its people makes it a very special place. To top it all up I am attending a conference on Liberal Democracy and it has been like meeting with brothers I had not seen in a long time. Indeed a fantastic experience that reinforces my belief that this is a continent of hope. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we, freedom loving Latin Americans, will prevail over the Chavezes, Lulas, Kirchners, Castros, Palacios, Morales et al of this region.

We were sort of asleep for a while, but no more. From recent experience I can vouch that reasonable people in the USA, Europe and Latin America share a sentiment of profound disgust towards Chavez and his cohorts. That he is feted by Red Ken and other radicals? Big deal, at the end of the day his diminished group of apologists are people of no consequence.

There is hope and a deep commitment to overcome our problems folks. The future is ours. To that end, as Heitor de Paola expressed yesterday, a force for freedom, progress and democracy has just been created and being part of its inception makes me extremely proud, grateful and aware of my increased responsibility to bring about much needed change.

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