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Spain's Senate approves motion re Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 27.04.06 | On Tuesday's full session Spain's Senate discussed the approval of a motion related to the precarious situation in which some Spanish nationals residing in Yaracuy Venezuela find themselves in at this time. Venezuela's electoral conditions were also brought forth in the debate.

Senator Iņaki Anasagasti, head of Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) Senate group, reports that the discussion was lively and the news of the support that Zapatero's ruling Socialist party (PSOE) gave to the motion made the day. All political groups, but that of Partido Popular, represented in Spain's Senate approved the motion, in an attempt to send a unified message to the government of President Hugo Chavez.

Following the text of the motion presented and approved.


Spain's Senate follows with preoccupation the situation of Spanish citizens in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, affected by occupations of their lands and new Venezuelan legislation regarding land use in rural properties.

The Senate urges the Government to continue defending Spanish citizens' rights and, should merits exist, to formally protest before Venezuelan authorities. Equally to lend necessary legal support to those Spanish citizens affected seeking redress with justice tribunals vis-a-vis their personal integrity and property, in order to facilitate negotiations and satisfactory arrangements amongst parties.

That the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation proceeds with an increase in the consular representation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, creating new offices in those states in that country where there are none.

That the Government informs the Venezuelan Executive upon the preoccupation of this Chamber concerning consideration with respect to the recommendations made by observation missions of the European Union and Organization of American States about its electoral system, thus avoiding suspicions on future electoral processes.

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