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Venezuela: drug dealers paradise

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15.04.06 | Pondering over the huge seizure of cocaine in Mexico I can't help but conclude that DISIP, army and/or National Guard and authorities from Venezuela's main airport Simon Bolivar, indeed if the cargo was loaded there, must be either on the take or be part of the operational team.

Additional Information: As the war against drugs rages on, drug rehabilitation centers have been working non-stop to provide addiction treatment help to those who need it.

The cocaine was placed inside 128 luggage cases. Are we to believe that not one law enforcement officer, custom or immigration agent, military or airport official saw what was taking place? Furthermore, many people are needed to load such cargo swiftly, why did it not arise any suspicions?

But it gets even more convoluted. The Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) register has got some information about the N900SA DC9-15 seized in Mexico. As a matter of public record, as of April 13 2006 -that is the day before yesterday, the plane was deregistered in the USA and "exported" to Venezuela. This is a nice lead to DEA and international law enforcement agencies, isn't it? Who bought the plane? Who paid for it? Who exported it to Venezuela?

This other link provides flight information related to the plane. On Wednesday, Apr 05, 2006 it departed from St. Petersburg Clearwater International to Simon Bolivar International airport. But the bust took place on April 11. So what happened between those two dates?

There have been some innacurate reports in the press as to the ownership of the plane, which has been attributed to SKYWAYS AIRCRAFT SECURITY that in turn is a subsidiary of SkyWay Communications Holding (SWYC). It may have been due to the seal that the N900SA had next to its main door. However the FAA's register shows no record of the plane having been owned by either of the companies aforementioned. Equally interesting is the fact that Royal Sons Inc., the last known owner, is cited as one of the 20 largest unsecured creditors in the Chapter 11 Petition Date of June 14, 2005 (Bankruptcy Case No.: 05-11953) filed by SWYC. Moreover Royal Sons Inc. allegedly had or has an office in Venice airport in Florida:

ROYAL SONS INC. used to be (or is also) working from VENICE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, where convicted Dutch fraudster Rudi Dekker’s Huffman Aviation trained some of the 9-11 hijackers. (small world after all)

Address listed as:
Royal Sons Inc.
224 East Airport Ave
Venice, FL 34285
Phone: (727) 535-5005
Fax: (727) 535-5156
Aircraft Dealers and Brokers
1131548870, (Google map )

And Huffman:
HUFFMAN AVIATION, INC. VENICE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 400 EAST AIRPORT AVE VENICE, FL 34285-4007, Phone: (800) 966-8635 Fax: (941) 485-7401 (Google map )

Is it coincidence that Mohamed Atta learned how to fly in the close vicinity of Royal Sons Inc.? What I do know is that this cocaine bust merits minute scrutiny and investigation on the part of INTERPOL, DEA and related law enforcement agencies, and one of the angles that need proper exposure is the Venezuelan connection. In the interest of the hemisphere and the world at large, officials from the Chavez regime ought to be subpoenaed in this respect in order to determine responsibilities.


Venezuelan sources in Maiquetia, local for Simon Bolivar International airport, claim that the other plane held by Mexican authorities, a Falcon registration XB-IYK, frequently landed and refueled there. Sources maintain that a revision of a) flight itineraries filed to Venezuela's Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC) and b) tax records levied on airplanes (DOSA) that use the airport could reveal the activities of the gang.

W.K. collaborated with this report.

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