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US officials calling Chavez's bluffs

By Aleksander Boyd

New York City 06.04.06 | For nearly ten days now I have been travelling around the USA. It has been a revealing experience. In retrospect I thought I would encounter broad support for the world's favourite caudillo, fortunately though that has not been the case, for I have perceived a somewhat institutional change of perception vis-a-vis Hugo Chavez, from different sources in equally diverging arenas. To wit, the multimillion dollar propaganda campaign deployed by the Venezuelan regime in the USA has been an utter and dismal failure.

Yankees are simply fed up with Fidelito's hollow threats and rethoric. No one, apart from those who seek to capitalise politically internally from alliances with Chavez, pays further attention to the endless stream of nonsense emanating from Caracas. As a matter of fact, I heard someone saying "that he will disrupt oil supplies to the US? Let him do it to see how long his revolution will survive..." Mind you this sort of attitude from officials and politicos, on both sides of the divide, is nothing I am accustomed to hear back in good old London.

In the capital of Her Majesty's Kingdom a homophobic, anti-semite mayor, read Ken Livingstone, staunchly supports Castro's wannabe, even allowing himself to use public resources to peddle some more propaganda. But make no mistake, neither Red Ken nor the 105 radical Labour MPs who have signed an Early Day Motion in support of Hugo Chavez, have any consequence in terms of designating the Blair government's foreign policy with respect to the Chavez regime. For more than I keep asking allegedly interested parties in and around Westminster to discuss what truly goes on in Venezuela, not one apologist wants to hear the other side of the story, or reach the conclusion that cheering for the leader of a State that supports terrorism equals to aid and abet a criminal.

Since I was also keen on exposing Chavez's BS, I spoke to Nick Grace and Rich Lafayette over at and here is the resulting interview.

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