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ETA's ceasefire... Jorge Rodriguez out of Venezuela's electoral council...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 25.03.06 | Basque terrorist group ETA announced a permament ceasefire earlier on this week. Did the group provided any timetable for weapon's decomission? No. So what are their expectations? To be accepted in the political fray as if nothing had happened, as if 800+ deaths left no bereaved and 4 decades of aggravation will be forgotten with the click of a finger. Some idiots actually believe in ETA's good intentions. Mind you they've been killing people for a living for a long time and, all of a sudden, they just changed their minds and will start behaving as decent human beings. And we're meant to believe them...

But human stupidity does not stop there. Jorge Rodriguez, a.k.a. Venezuelan Minister of elections, declared yesterday that he won't put his name forth for re-election for the, about to be appointed by a monochromatic illegitimate assembly, electoral council. The move came about in a last ditch effort by magnanimous Rodriguez to recoup the lost credibility and legitimacy of Venezuela's electoral board (CNE). And we're supposed to welcome the news, cherish the moment and bask in our newly found opportunity to have an impartial CNE designated by an assembly totally subservient to Hugo Chavez. Or so Francisco Toro would like you to think. Definitely some are either too stupid or too affraid to face reality.

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