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Europe News or why this continent is fucked

By Aleksander Boyd

London 21.03.06 | The following are a set of European news. It may give American readers a clear understanding as to why this continent is rapidly advancing towards collective suicide.

- London Mayor Ken Livingstone, a.k.a. Red Ken, seems to be uncapable of restraining his galloping antisemitism. Today, he stated about Jewish developers Reuben brothers' alleged delay in starting a Stratford City project, "they should go back to Iran and see if they can do better under the ayatollahs". As it turns out the Reubens are Jewish and were born in Iraq, not in Iran as commented by the Mayor, who deems appropriate to suggest a trip to a country whose leader has vowed that Israel should be wiped off the map. The BBC conveniently edited Livingstone comments.

- The government of the Netherlands has implemented a new immigration policy: those failing to pass Dutch language and culture tests will not be admitted in the country. The BBC, of course, criticised the policy.

- Prince Charles is concerned about inter-faith intolerance. He thought wise to appease Muslims with a most fawning spiel in Cairo. A good dose of criticism towards the Danish cartoons was dispensed. The BBC commended the action.

- BBC journalists are worried about the civil war in Iraq. Disgruntled British and American soldiers are given enough airtime to embarrass the Bush administration handling of the situation.

- SUV drivers are quipped as outcasts and pariahs by the Paxo, Greenpeace spokesman states that such vehicles are uncivilised and should be forbidden. The views came a day before the Chancellor is meant to increase road tax, to even higher levels, to punish "an armada of mums driving Chelsea tractors..."

- Tony Blair is under heavy criticism due to the loans-affair. Some £14 million is owed by his party to different donors. Some Labour pundits declared that the post-Blair era looks bleak for he's fractured the party's structure. At last some good news...

- The legacy of Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, will be to raise Britainís tax burden to its highest-ever level.

- 105 British MPs -mostly from Labour- have pledged support to Hugo Chavez, who in turn has done the same towards Iran and its nuclear race.

- Jose Silva Peneda, chief of the European Electoral Observation Mission recently deployed in Venezuela, declined to meet with a group of concerned Venezuelan citizens in Brussels, that were to deliver a letter requesting support in restablishing trust in that country's electoral system.

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