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Setting the record straight on Venezuela's oil threats to the USA

By Aleksander Boyd

London 18.03.06 | Allow me to start with this premise: in many parts of the Western world, Noam Chomsky is considered an intellectual heavyweight. For those capable of placing themselves in such a context the following. Hugo Chavez and Venezuela are fungible these days, one entity. No official in that country has the power, discretionary or otherwise, to threat America with an oil disruption. As such, Chavez delights his sycophantic audiences, forced to follow his every move and laugh his idiotic jokes, by constantly threatening George W. Bush with a blockage of oil supplies. Consequently a great deal of observers, journalists, assorted pundits and market speculators are having a field day with such nonsensical remarks.

As a matter of factly, what is the final destination of Venezuelan oil flowing up north? Is it the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? No. Is it refinery/ies owned by the US administration? No. Is it company/ies fronting Bush et al? No. Is it Venezuela 'strategic partners' -Chevron, Texaco, Amerada, etc.? No. So which is it? CITGO. Who owns CITGO? Is it not a wholy owned subsidiary of PDVSA?

Those who think that Chomsky is but an intellectual whore can do the math. The rest can go speculate some more.

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