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The Kirchners export Argentine technology: "picketing"

By Tony Pagliaro

17.03.06 | The leader of one of Argentina’s different active and violent picketing groups: “Movimiento Territorial Liberación”, Mr. Carlos Huerta, has publicly acknowledged that there is a constant exchange of “know-how” and “experience” between his social organization and various militant groups that have recently illegally occupied houses and land in Chile, specifically in the city of Peñalolén and in such process become involved in fierce night combats against the Chilean police that have lasted several hours.

Last August, Mr. Huerta taught a “seminar” to his Chilean friends during which he described in full detail the main tactics and the general strategy used by his violent group in Argentina and how to apply its “expertise” beyond the Andes (the mountains that separate a country that grows peacefully (Chile), from a country that also seems to grow, but is in turmoil (Argentina)). Huerta’s main Chilean active counterpart is “Allegados en Lucha, Lautaro Guanca”, a group of young people openly affiliated with the Chilean Communist Party.

The Kirchners constantly resort to the “piqueteros” to create -and maintain- a climate of fear and intimidation in Argentina, across the board. They have recently appointed one of their best known leaders, Mr. D’elía, as Argentina’s Secretary of Housing. “Res ipsa loquitur”, since this rather unusual appointment speaks for itself.

Argentina’s “piqueteros” have now operationally joined the well known Brazilian “Movimiento Sin Tierra” (MST) that has also already established concrete links in Chile, in the town of Lo Hermida.

Last week violence erupted in Peñalolén, where a group of university students occupied some of its houses and, when invited to leave, attacked the police with stones and hammers. Fifteen of them where jailed by the effective Chilean police, known as the “Carabineros”.

All of a sudden a new leftist “multinational” seems to have erupted and be jointly operating in the “Southern Cone” of Latin America. It is devoted to illegal occupations of houses and land.

The populist Kirchners -who definitely like to be and appear close to the “sans culottes”- seem to welcome the activities of said “multinational” and enjoy to publicly endorse their leaders. This is definitely not the old “panem et circenses”, this is, instead, a growing continental network of criminal activities.

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