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Friends of Venezuela - You defeated the Mack Resolution H. Con.Res.328

By Edward A.Mercado | Venezuela Information Office

London 17.03.06 | Note by Alek Boyd: Here's another example of the type of work Hugo Chavez's propaganda outfit in Washington DC (Venezuela Information Office or VIO) does. GOP leaders, are you fucking listening? How about Republican bloggers, and media? Where are Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds and the chaps from RealClearPolitics when you need them? Does the fact that agents of a deranged terrorism supporter have the wherewithal to block regulations and affect legislation in your own country bother you at all? Instead of sending the hounds to armchair revolutionaries ensconced in university campuses, how about paying a visit to 2000 P Street, NW Suite, 240 Washington, DC 20036t? Do take note that the address provided by Edward A. Mercado is different from the one listed in the FARA records (733 15th Street NW, Suite 932 Washington, DC 20005). Addendum: it seems that that the real reason why the Mack Resolution did not pass had little to do with VIO's lobbying effort and lot with US Congress' financial priorities.


Dear friends of Venezuela,

You Defeated the Mack Resolution!

The Connie Mack Resolution, H. Con. Res. 328 was just pulled from the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs in the House Committee on International Relations. Due for a vote today, Rep. Mack (R-FL) and his supporters were not able to build enough support to win so they pulled the resolution before a vote could take place. This is thanks to all of your letters, faxes, emails, calls and personal visits to Congress members over the last few weeks. Your continuous support for the people of Venezuela and their elected government shows! This is a moment of victory for all of us who believe, as they do in Venezuela, that the power of the people can make a difference! Thank you and spread the word! __________________________

Edward A.Mercado
Communications Coordinator
Venezuela Information Office
2000 P Street, NW Suite
240Washington, DC 20036t.
202-347-8081 x. 601f.

The Venezuela Information Office is dedicated to informing the American public about contemporary Venezuela, and receives its funding from the government of Venezuela. More information is available from the FARA office of the Department of Justice in Washington DC

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