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placeholder on Castro and Chavez shit list

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.03.06 | Guillermo Garcia Ponce has joined the chorus of people who feel the urge to reply to Vcrisis. And he does it no less than from Cuba's spinmeisters HQs Prensa Latina. Garcia Ponce's 'rebutal' reads:

Venezuela Rejects WMD Libel

Caracas, Mar 10 (Prensa Latina) Guillermo Garcia (Ponce), director of Vea daily in Venezuela, said allegations that he arranged to buy nuclear missiles from North Korea was "infamous" and an "affront to Venezuela".

# Venezuela Protests US Acts to UN

The assertion that Garcia (Ponce) visited North Korea eight times for this purpose, on behalf of President Hugo Chavez, were made by Kenneth Rijock, admitted money launderer for narcotics operations, and were circulated on Alexander Boyd"s webpage

Garcia said he had indeed visited North Korea, two times over 15 years ago as part of a legislative delegation, and Chavez was not even a candidate for president at the time.

He added that such lies are part of the US drive to destabilize the Chavez administration, and recalled that weapons of mass destruction were the pretext to justify the war on Iraq.

The journalist called this a "clumsy, ill-structured, and ridiculous" attempt to create "a second missile crisis in the style of 1962 that brought the world to the brink of war."

"I am in no way an arms dealer nor does Venezuela have the least interest in purchasing weapons of mass destruction. It´s a fabrication from head to tail." hr/ccs/emw/nda End

I feel I'm on a roll, mind you in just few days I have gone from near obscurity to being the leader of The Anglo-Venezuelan Connection (TAC) -according to a rather expensive communiqué published by the directors of fake polling co. North American opinion Research Inc., and now Marxist fundamentalist Guillermo Garcia Ponce, director of chavista rag VEA, saw fitting to respond to allegations made by Kenneth Rijock in an interview to yours truly posted on this site. So I guess I can feel honoured that I have achieved a degree of notoriety with the world's longest ruling dictator, his Venezuelan sidekick and their lackeys.

P.S.: since I have managed to get the attention of the scum of this earth, that has decided to talk about me/my website, would it be too much to ask to expect them to correctly spell my name? Is ALEKSANDER and NOT alexander, although given recent successes I rather be called Mr. Thug Buster.

P.S.2: Apparently Garcia Ponce's views were posted simultaneously in Aporrea and Prensa Latina. It goes to show the level of cooperation between the Cuban and Venezuelan propaganda machines.

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