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North American opinion Research Inc. replies to Vcrisis

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.03.06 | Julio Makarem and Ricardo Valbuena have published today a two page communiqué in Venezuela's most read newspaper Ultimas Noticias (see below). In it they accuse me, among other things, of being part, together with Gustavo Coronel, of some Anglo-Venezuelan connection bent of vilifying Hugo Chavez, Diosdado Cabello and Nicolas Maduro, and of libeling 'honourable chavista entrepreneurs' such as themselves. Well folks, I am quite happy that investigative reports posted on this website have gotten media attention in Venezuela, not least in propaganda organs such as Ultimas Noticias. The communiqué is poorly written, has not got one shred of substance, it does not disprove my allegations in any manner, and, as all things related to Chavez's associates, is nothing but unadultered horse shit. Some days ago I felt compelled to rebute George Friedman's email, but in this instance I won't dignify two thugs with a reply. However there are some interesting elements about the whole affair that need exposing.

Let me begin with Ultimas Noticias. Said daily is part of a Venezuelan media and business conglomerate known as "Cadena Capriles," controlled by the Capriles Lopez family. The Capriles Lopez family interests appear to be represented by one Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez. This Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez took control of the group of companies by illegal means, assisted by the highest magistrates of Venezuela with the connivance of Hugo Chavez, rigging transfer of shares processes and, in fact, scamming the lawful owners of the companies -Magaly Cannizzaro and Miguel Angel Capriles Cannizzaro, of hundreds of millions of dollars. Although some of the financial crimes were commited in New York city, with the kind assistance of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, which were duly notified and presented in that jurisdiction, the prosecutor's office has not initiated legal proceedings. This Capriles Lopez fella has got one finger in every pie. Allegedly he's got all sorts of business associations with the Makarems, the Valbuenas, Juan Carlos Escotet, owns actions of Tal Cual -Teodoro Petkoff's journal, is related to the owner of Panorama Esteban Pineda Belloso, with whom he's partnered in Terminales Maracaibo, prints in his media 80% of the regime's propaganda, in sum a living example of bolivarian socialist entrepreneurship. Hence it is no surprise that he had Eliazar Diaz Rangel -editor of Ultimas Noticias- publish the edict that his associates, or someone else, wrote.

One must assume that the two imbeciles running the North American Opinion Research Inc (NAOR), Petrotulsa and other joints felt the need to come out of the chavista closet and give some explanations to the Venezuelan public about their shaddy companies and evident conflict of interest. On February 7 2006, they decided that time was ripe to register and launch NAOR's website. Despite the fact that the company is meant to be operative in Venezuela since 1992, it took them 14 years to hit the internet. Impressive.

The most comical thing of the communiqué is the ending, whereby they seek to exhort a number of things namely:

- That Hugo Chavez orders all security, intelligence bodies and banking regulatory entities of Venezuela to open an investigation about the grave accusations made by me, Gustavo, et al.

- That the directorate of the honourable (I kid not) Assembly of Venezuela orders the Interior Commission to open up an investigation.

- That the directorate of the Assembly designates a Especial Commission that shall draft libel/defamation/slander legislation.

- Given the urgency of the case, that Hugo Chavez grants them an audience so that they can explain personally the details herewith denounced.

I must confess, they had me rolling in laughter for a good while. And, as customary in such instances, there is just one thing left for me to say, loud and clear: since Makarem and Valbuena claim that Venezuelan and British justice will take me -a little gangster (sic), to account, I say pick the court in this country (Chavez's kangaroo courts don't qualify) and bring along über lawyer Eva Golinger- for it will be an absolute pleasure to meet them and see whether they pass the test of justice and meaningful scrutiny.

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