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Nestor Kirchner (and his wife) open the legislative year

By Tony Pagliaro

02.03.06 | The “Patagonian” Néstor Kirchner, flanked by his ostentatious wife -powerful Senator Cristina Kirchner- formally opened yesterday Argentina’s legislative year. The President naturally did it “his way”; i.e. surrounded by his “piqueteros” who were -as usual- carefully bused by the administration into the city of Buenos Aires so as to be strategically stationed around Argentina’s Federal Congress, to generate (shouting) the proper “climate”, the one that the couple needs.

This time the “brought-in piqueteros” (unemployed) were only three thousand, but the truth is that the Kirchners can easily and rapidly put together (with disguised public funding, of course) a “small crowd” of twenty thousand, if and when required.

These sudden “mobilizations” of violent “piqueteros” are made openly. So much so, that the numerous buses that orderly transport the “piqueteros” to the city are parked (in open violation of the law) right in the middle of the city (always along “Avenida 9 de Julio”) constantly “protected” by strong federal police forces that, instead of fining the bus drivers for parking against the law, allow them to comfortably park in the “downtown” area thus generating the corresponding traffic chaos. No problem, the Kirchners believe they are above the law. Just like their “buddy”, Hugo Chávez who not only does not care for the law, but believes “is” the law. Equally Kirchner's and Chavez's followers behave in the same manner.

In the usual televised “message” to the Argentine people by the State owned or “controlled” media, including the many stations and channels of “Clarín’s” media monopoly which belong to Mr. Magnetto (Mr. Kirchner unconditional ally), this time Néstor Kirchner requested Uruguay to suspend the ongoing construction of the pulp and paper mills. As we have reported those mills are being built in the Uruguayan side of the Uruguay river, i.e., in a different country, by Finish and Spanish investors and have been the object of constant attacks by Governor Busti, who runs the Argentine Province of Entre Ríos, on the Argentine side of the river. Busti, a leftist close ally of Kirchner, has urged his citizens to close all bridges between Argentina and Uruguay, de facto cutting all land traffic between the two countries and, of course, causing immense damage to the Uruguayan economy at the time of the high tourist season.

The Uruguayan Vice-President responded immediately by referring to Mr. Kirchner’s statement as an “impertinent” one. In other words, as an “insolent” one. He was probably right, The Kirchner’s “manners” and “behaviour” are very difficult to accept, inside or outside Argentina. They are “bullies” by definition.

In the meantime, the conflict between both countries has deepened and chauvinistic attitudes are surfacing on both sides of the river, constantly fuelled by Kirchner’s “impertinent” conduct. As we have said before, unless Mr. Kirchner’s populist attitude changes, this ugly and unusual conflict may well end up becoming a real threat to regional peace and security.

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