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FARC pledges solidarity to Chavez if USA invades Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 28.02.06 | Good news from Chavez-land last only for so long... Yesterday I was congratulating his infrastructure minister for having completed the alternate road that communicates Caracas with the international port and airport and today, this bit of news just reminds me of the sort of people that hang around and lend support to Chavez. Not only Red Ken seems to have a weak spot towards Fidelito, the FARC, Colombia's narco-guerrillas have just released this:

FARC pledges "inconditional solidarity" to Hugo Chavez if USA invades Venezuela

Colombian narco-guerrillas FARC offered its support to President Hugo Chavez and pledged "inconditional solidarity" should the USA invade Venezuela. Raul Reyes, FARC's spokesman, released the statement in an electronic interview with Allende La Paz of Colombia's news agency Anncol. "In case American war hawks invade Venezuela from Colombia, the FARC would condemn said act with energy and would offer inconditional solidarity to the bolivarian process" stated Reyes.

Great news isn't? Surely in the asymmetric warfare scenario that Chavez is planning counting with FARC's support is no small thing. Will Red Ken join them too? Jokes aside, how come this 'Allende La Paz' fellow, which also means "beyond peace" for those readers that are Spanish language impaired, is able to email questions to Raul Reyes? Who's tracking and tracing those emails? If I were in charge of intel work in Colombia Reyes would be answering questions from an underground cell, that's for sure. President Uribe is meant to be extremely busy turning Colombia into a progressive and stable nation, but this news are just too much of an insult to bear.

As reported a while ago FARCEP.ORG, which is FARC's website, is hosted in Switzerland. And guess where is this Anncol joint hosted? In the USA, according to WHOIS. It was registered by one Mattias Larsson of Kardanvagen 37, Trollhattan, na 46138 SE (Sweden). Another FARC's front to release their terrorist messages...

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