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Chavez Moves Venezuela's Wealth Offshore, Part III

By Kenneth Rijock Financial Crime Consultant

24.02.06 | In this segment, we shall try to answer questions received from our readers, and from others who have taken issue with this series.

(1) Who Are You and how are you qualified to write about money laundering? I have unique credentials to back up my 25 years of experience in this field. Starting out in life as a lawyer specializing in banking, I next spent ten years as a career money launderer in the Caribbean and Latin America for narcotics traffickers. Since 1992, I have lectured, trained and consulted all over the world on anti-money laundering topics. You can find my daily articles on money laundering analysis online in COMPLINET ( a British banking compliance website. For more details, I suggest you access Google or other search engine.

(2) Where does he get his information? The facts appearing in these articles was obtained through investigation and research, and with the invaluable assistance and cooperation of patriotic, democratic Venezuelans both inside Venezuela and abroad. They must remain anonymous for their own safety.

(3) How can you say that Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco is fronting for the Chavez family? Adan Chavez, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Cuba, is actually a signatory on PROAREPA accounts located at Banco Industrial de Venezuela. A search of telephone records shows that Adan has gone through periods where he called Fernandez Barrueco several times a day. There’s much more.

(4) What else is going on right now? Fernandez Barrueco is currently trying very had to locate and purchase a brewery in the region. He was turned away in Aruba when the sellers realized who he was fronting for, but he continues to search for a suitable beer business to purchase for Chavez.

(5) What’s the big picture here? With the arrival in Venezuela, in the near future from Iran, of corn flour machines, milk processing equipment, and plastics extrusion manufacturing machinery, PROAREPA continues to effectively move forward to corner a major portion of the food system.

More on money laundering and the efforts of the present Venezuelan government to transfer the country’s wealth offshore in the next installment.

Chavez testing his ability to control essentials testing the effectiveness.

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