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Letter to Condie Rice and Tony Blair re Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 18.02.06 | In the past few days US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and England's Prime Minister Tony Blair have, understandably, expressed concern vis-a-vis the anti-democratic behaviour of coupster Hugo Chavez. These concerns had been voiced at times when the civilised world is trying to contain Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Out of the entire concert of nations only three countries have pledged support to Iran. Initially it was a lonely Venezuelan vote at the IAEA in favour of furthering Iran's uranium enrichment programme. Then Venezuela, Syria and Cuba voted against the international community's decision to refer the Iranian nuclear issue to the UN's Security Council. There is no clearer sign as to where the simpathies of Hugo Chavez lay. Chavez looks up to the world's longest ruling dictator as a role model and inspiration and now is courting, supporting and befriending Ahmadinejad; an Islamofundamentalist that has stated that Israel has to be wiped out of the map and that the Holocaust is nothing but a myth. These are Hugo Chavez's friends.

But not all of us Venezuelans are as deranged as Hugo Chavez. The majority are decent people, shocked and embarrassed by the incumbent. It is possitive, in my view, that both of you have made public the feelings of very many of us. Although democratically-elected Hugo Chavez never said he was going to take our country down the path of international isolation, neither did he speak about aligning Venezuela with the world's rogue regimes and dictatorships. Had he had done it, he would not be president today.

Congressmen and Members of Parliament of your countries are utilising Venezuela's card, seeking to score cheap points against both administrations. Merely echoing propaganda of the worst sort, these representatives pretend to have our country's best interest at heart. Nothing further from the truth. In fact their manifest support for a failed coupster, and his friends, leaves no room for doubts and exposes their ugly nakedness and sick intentions, that, need be stressed, go against their own countries and societies and all the values the civilised world holds dear. In doing the bidding for Hugo Chavez, American and British politicians have trespassed the threshold of idiocy, their actions are but a disgusting exercise on racism.

Should you wish to become acquainted with the reality of my country feel free to ask -especially you Mr. Blair, for none of the scripted propaganda coming out from our embassies or your political enemies' camp represents what we feel, much less how we struggle to liberate our beloved nation from the hands of criminals such as Hugo Chavez.

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