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Could someone pls give a slapping to Castro's bitch? I can't reach...

By Aleksander Boyd

London 04.02.06 | She seems to be out of control, isn't she? Did the recent marital visit to the fantasy island fail to satisfy his bodily desires? So Castro's lapdog threatened to imprison American diplomats caught in the 'act of espionage' in Venezuela. Ahhh, rhetoric comes cheap these days. Will Chavez have the balls -or perhaps ovaries- to pull that one? Nah, he's all talk, a barking moonbat. Gossip has it that when power inebriated Manuel "pinneaple face" Noriega, to the point of thinking that he would run away with open abuses to Gringos in Panama, the US administration didn't think twice before sending in the Marines to give a proper slapping to the Panamanian 'strongman.' As the regime celebrates the 'day of chavista dignity' (??), 14th anniversary of its botched coup d'etat in 1992, madman Hugo also threatened with closure of Venezuelan, read again VENEZUELAN, refineries in US soil stating "it won't cost me to order the closure of the refineries that we've got in the US" (sic). For real, it won't bother HIM to close refineries that BELONG, and generate profit for, 25 million Venezuelans. But hey, such is the state of that banana republic, formerly known as Venezuela. Hey Hugo, how about aiming that vitriol towards your utterly useless self? How about building bridges or palliating poverty, would that cost you darling?

On another side of the planet, another deranged 'strongman' adopts a tough position vis-a-vis the genuine concerns regarding uranium enrichment and nuclear development programmes that the international community (who??) has. Of course, birds of a feather flock together, so whilst Venezuelan Energy Minister pledges solidarity and full support to Iran, the recently elected HAMAS sends a commission of beggars to Latin America. As FT points out, will Chavez control his overly magnanimous benefactor facet and refrain to give chunks of our money to the delegation of suicide-bomber representatives? I doubt it. Pidan por esa boquita...

Circo mis convives porque el pan lo mandaron p'a otro lado...

BTW: given the recent diplomatic expulsion of Jenny Figueredo Frķas, the US administration would do well in keeping closely monitored all chavista staff in US soil for, let me tell you, they are up to no good. Bernardo Alvarez Herrera and his gang, Bolivarian Circles and its representatives, the Venezuelan Information Office, Eva Golinger, and the remaining sycophantic crowd that leeches of Venezuelan resources ought to be treated for what they are; foot soldiers of a thug.

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