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Venezuela News Review 27.01.06

By Aleksander Boyd

- Spanish Vice premier María Teresa Fernández de la Vega is quoted today as stating that EADS-CASA, conglomerate contracted to provide military planes to the Chavez regime, "will look for procedures and mechanisms" to fulfil its end of the deal. Given the unwillingness of the US administration to allow the transfer of avionics and other technology to Chavez, it remains unknown whether EADS-CASA will sell the 12 planes to Venezuela, a deal worth €1.7 billion.

- Chavez's officials continue claiming that members of the FAN (Venezuela's main army) were spying and passing intel and information to the US administration. As usual, evidence to back the claim has not been made available, yet the MSM continues to echo the nonsense.

- In the opening of judicial activities for the year 2006 -27 January- Justices of the Supreme Court chanted "uh, ah, Chavez no se va!" indicating how impartial they are.

- Brazil's Marco Aurelio García -the same that declared after Salamanca's Summit that his country would collaborate with Argentina in the set up of nuclear facilities in Venezuela- stated today with respect to military sales to Chavez "Brazil's position was emphatic in declaring [USA's position] unacceptable for it encroaches international commercial norms." Surely comrade Lula will do his utmost to try and seal the deal and give Hugo its new toys.

- ABC reports in "Colombia Busts Ring linked to al-Qaida: The gang allegedly supplied an unknown number of citizens from Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and other countries with false passports and Colombian nationality without them ever stepping foot in the country." Vcrisis sources report that Venezuelan passports -in the new form- can be easily obtained from Colombians in the frontier between the two countries for Bs1 million. Furthermore director of Venezuelan identification department (ONIDEX) Hugo Cabezas, allegedly traveled to Bolivia, where he is conducting drives to provide Bolivians, or anyone interested, with Venezuelan IDs so that they can contribute, from afar, towards the 10 million-vote result that Chavez has in store for his 're-election' in December.

- Venezuelans, in general, are utterly disgusted by the attendees of the World Social Forum. The costs of the rabble-gathering runs into the millions, whilst the country's conditions deteriorate.

- The Chavez regime will take over -read expropriate without compensation- "iddle" mines. No one, whether inside the regime or elsewhere, knows what the chavista definition for "iddle" is.

- Head of security of Venezuela's Finance Minister, Nelson Merentes, was shot in the face and killed by gunmen on Wednesday in Caracas.

- Colonel Ramon Carrizalez, Minister of Infrastructure, announced that the alternate way to La Guaira -where Venezuela's main port and airport are located- will be ready on February 26.

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