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Alberto Arrieta was assassinated

By Aleksander Boyd

London 27.01.06 | We were on the phone yesterday, pretty much all day, with my in laws. Just trying to reassure my sister in law and give her our support, albeit from far. The first version relayed to her by the police was that Alberto died in a shootout, due to his attempt to prevent a couple of men from stealing the SUV he was driving. Just got a phone call from my mother in law telling me a whole different story.

It now appears that Alberto was not with a colleague but on his own. Having previously left Minister of Finance Nelson Merentes, he was having a hot dog in Avenida Paez, near El Pinar (Paraiso, West Caracas) when two men got out of a white unlicensed car and gunned him down. Shot in the face, he died almost instantly. Further, after the killing, one of the men took his gun and then they drove away. They could have stolen the SUV but didn't.

The very worrying aspect of it, apart from the tragic loss, is that now my sister in law has been threatened. She received a phone call yesterday by someone who told her "we will kill your kids." The Ministry has provided her, and the kids, with bodyguards. How ironic, Alberto's condition of being a bodyguard did not save his life.

Globovision is reporting the incident. Needless to say that nothing will come out of the investigation conducted by the CICPC, useless as they are.

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