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Is Hugo Chavez in need of 'impartial' electoral observers?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 20.01.06 | Chavista media reports today that Jeniffer McCoy from the Carter Center was visiting his good old mate Hugo Chavez, to whom Jimmy Carter served so well prior and post referendum day in August 2004. I am yet to get my hands on the copy of the contract that USAID gave the Carter Center, via IFES, to go 'observe' the elections last year, which, in spite of having requested it -on 06.05.2005 to USAID, has not been sent. In any case it is concerning that McCoy is chatting with Chavez.

Their relationship seems to be warm one, isn't it? By looking at the picture it is hard to tell which one of the two was gladder. The pusillanimous attitude of the bearded man, whomever he may be, is all too evident though. McCoy apparently discussed technology matters with little Hugo, as if he knew anything about that. Could they be plotting to come up with a new, more powerful, revised version of the Maisanta software? Or would the case be that Chavez, knowing full well that no one in the country has any trust in Jorge-Matic and his machines, is already making necessary arrangements for the 'impartial' Carter Center to observe the presidential race this year?

How did Jeniffer get to Caracas, by helicopter? Or did she travel the perilous road that communicates with the international airport? The world is never short of sycophants, useful idiots, and ruthless individuals all too eager to use them to score cheap points. Let it be know, in Venezuela McCoy and Carter's little electoral observation joint are not welcome.

Concerned American citizens should be filing FOIA requests to USAID to see how much of their money did the peanut farmer received for his botched job in our country. Contract Law, after all, is still upheld in the US, and negligent parties in breach of contractual terms could be liable, in this case, of wasting tax payer's money.

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