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Hugo Chavez may well have Mongolian dreams

By Tony Pagliaro

20.01.06 | Until sixteen years ago, the Mongolian Peoples Revolutionary Party effectively ruled today’s Mongolia while the country was merely a Soviet Union puppet. Since then, it has become a young democracy with a parliamentary system of government.

One of the first proposals of the newly elected democratic Mongolian authorities, in the early 90’s, after they run away from communism, was to suddenly reverse the running position of a horse profile that was part of the national coat-of- arms.

It happened that the referred to horse was running towards the left side of the coat-of- arms.

Mongolia, after experiencing since the 20’s what really means to live in a communist “paradise”, decided that its national horse had to -rapidly- change directions and start running, instead, towards the right side of the Mongolian coat-of-arms symbolizing a country that was proudly escaping from the communist nightmare. Hopefully for ever.

The “great mind” of the unusual Bolivarian leader, Hugo Chávez, may have some kind of unusual connection with Mongolia.

He was also concerned with a horse in a coat-of arms. The Venezuelan one. It also includes a running horse (a short “llanero” one). But the Venezuelan horse has always run towards the right of its coat-of-arms. That generated a “smart” idea that came out of Chávez mind. A real “great Bolivarian idea” (I did not say an original one, he does not have original ones), i.e. to reverse the direction of the horse’s run.

With the usual pomp, Chávez requested the National Assembly (in fact, a pathological wholly-owned subsidiary of himself, since it does not include any representative of opposition parties) to do so. The request was based on the interpretation that the horse’s run toward the right “was a run to the past”. The National Assembly agreed.

Chávez has obviously been “inspired” by the above mentioned episode patented by the Mongolian. It is clear that he does not have the slightest idea of what is “the past”.

Huguito, man, the communist world for all practical purposes collapsed in 1989. It is, therefore, gone.

You may have not noticed that, since you keep your eyes on the “modern” economic and political structure of “Mother Cuba” as your political dream. But that, Huguito, is stopping the clock. It is choosing paralysis. You will see this soon. No matter how much oil you may want to invest in your demagogic dreams.

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