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A casual conversation about Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 11.01.06 | Went to the travel agency this morning to purchase a ticket to Venezuela. What follows is an approximation to a conversation I had with the travel agent.

Me: good morning, have you got any offers to Margarita Island?

Travel agent (TA): good morning, let me just check. We've got some good deals to Caracas at the moment though, starting at 430. To Porlamar will cost you 520.

Me: mmm... the problem you see, is that there's no access to Caracas from the international airport.

TA: how do you mean?

Me: well, the main road that communicates Caracas with the international airport has got a bridge that's about to collapse and the authorities have taken the precautionary measure of closing it.

TA: you have got to be jocking me.

Me: I'm affraid I'm not.

TA: so you mean the main road between the country's largest city and the international airport is closed?

Me: indeed.

TA: my goodness. What's the government doing about it?

Me: they've said that they will build another bridge.

TA: How long that will take?

Me: that's anybody's guess.

TA: isn't that chap, what's its name, Chavez improving pretty much everything in the country though?

Me: indeed, especially the roads.

TA: we haven't been informed about any of this.

Me: don't expect the BBC or The Guardian to do it...

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