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Cubazuela's Constitutional amendments

By Aleksander Boyd

08.01.06 | As expected the sycophants running the show have up the ante -in terms of who buries their head deeper into Chavez's bowels, by bringing forth the amendments to be presented to the monochromatic chavista assembly. The changes proposed, not a secret for the learned observer, are to establish indefinite presidential re-election and drastically alter those little articles that represent democratic danger. As such article 72, the one that allows for referenda for the removal of undesirable officials, will request that 30% of the electorate calls for it, as opposed to the current 20%. Of course the most transparent and credible electoral authority will, in the highly unlikely case that such a petition ever materializes, make sure that the identities of the said 30% are thouroughly verified and recorded with cleverer versions of the Maisanta software.

Article 350, the one that gives us the right to rebel against officials, legislation or authorities that encroach upon our constitutional and human rights -read against chavismo- shall be modified by adding that those wishing to enforce the norm shall do so only after having exhausted all judicial mechanism disposed in Venezuela's judicial system for such cases. Read should I, as an aggravated citizen and for whatever reason (say I'm pissed at the constant giving away of my country's resources to foreign dictators), wish to cease to recognize Hugo Chavez as my president, I have first to present the case to a judiciary totally dominated by him and only after conclusion of such an unbiased and fair process am I permitted to disown his regime. What a joke.

The time has come folks, long live Cubazuela!!

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