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The Kirchners continue attacking independent journalists

By Tony Pagliaro

04.01.06 | For several months, Argentina’s President, Néstor Kirchner and his powerful wife, Senator Cristina Kirchner, have dramatically concentrated their constant attacks against freedom of the press on the leading Argentine independent daily: “La Nación”. Nevertheless, they have also intimidated and attacked any other journalist -or media- who may dare to disagree with any governmental policy whatsoever.

The latest victim has been the radio commentator “Pepe” Eliaschev, who had a widely listened political program in “Radio Nacional” entitled: “Esto que pasa”.

After 20 years in the radio environment, and 5 years specifically in “Radio Nacional”, the abovementioned well known journalist was abruptly dismissed by Mónica Moncalvillo, the left winger Director of the state-owned Argentine radio station.

Eliaschev himself is a left winger. But not one that is prepared, like most of his competitors, to willingly accept permanent instructions from the Government as to what and whom he has to praise, and what issue or issues he cannot handle. No journalist can really be independent and maintain his or her programs in Argentina’s radio and television stations.

The deterioration of fundamental freedoms in Argentina is beginning to be a serious concern shared by many, both inside and outside Argentina. Former “Montoneros” (the leftist guerrilla group of the 70’s, who targeted -and assassinated- hundreds of innocent civilians but, having been pardoned by a sympathetic Congress, remains at large holding key governmental positions in a surprising and complete status of impunity) have suddenly radicalized their political and public behavior. This occurred right after winning the recent Argentina’s mid-term elections with only 26% of total possible votes.

The Argentine Supreme Court (with its new left-wing Justices, carefully selected and appointed by President and Mrs. Néstor Kirchner) has already -twice- refused to extradite terrorists (a Spanish ETA member; and a Chilean terrorist accused of murder and kidnapping) thus unfortunately transforming Argentina into one the few present “safe heavens” for terrorists in the whole world.

It must be reminded that the Argentine Supreme Court (like the Nicaraguan one) in so deciding held that “terrorism” (even if it targets innocent civilians) is not and cannot be considered to be a “crime against humanity”. It has thus guaranteed all “Montoneros” that their present complete “state of impunity” will be maintained, no matter what.

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