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First minor political defeat for Cristina Kirchner

By Tony Pagliaro

28.12.05 | After looking quite invincible for a while, the arrogant Argentine Senator, Cristina Kirchner, has just suffered her first public political defeat in several months.

As we have informed, Mrs Cristina Kirchner is adamantly trying to bulldoze her way through Congress to approve an ad-hoc draft law -specially designed and prepared by her- that will (unconstitutionally) grant to the Kirchners political forces (“Frente para la Victoria”) full control of the Argentine Judiciary, by carefully amending the composition of the “Consejo de la Magistratura”, which the Argentine institution in charge of the selection of judges which is, as well, responsible for all discipline matters having to do with judges.

She was able to easily sail through the Senate, without major problems, but the opposition was determined not to grant her “quorum” at the House level. After carefully reviewing the situation, and in view of a possible disaster, Cristina decided to openly cancel the House’s session that had been called and postpone the discussion of this issue until next February. The danger of the Kirchners’ immediate and full control of the Argentina Judiciary has therefore not disappeared, at all, but has been postponed, at least for a while.

This anti-democratic piece of legislation is a real “test” for Argentina’s democracy.

If the Kirchners are able to get away with their proposal and enact it, the Republic will simply “fade away” in Argentina.

It must be reminded -again and again- so that nobody is fooled, that the Kirchners -like their predecessor, President Carlos S. Menem- already dominate the decision making process at the Argentine Supreme Court. They were able to obtain control by impeaching and removing arbitrarily the Justices who were appointed by Mr. Menem’s. Once having done so, they immediately replaced them by several left-wingers who share in full their ideology and whom they do seem to control.

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