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Google News drops Vcrisis for good

By Aleksander Boyd

21.12.05 | And before I leave the internet space for a few days I would like to inform readers that Google News has decided to stop indexing articles and news published on this site. The move was made exactly one week before the elections of December 4, curiously after I have published a couple of articles regarding the FARC and its connections to the Chavez regime. Google contends that since some of the news published here are not original to this publication, but reprinted from other sources, they can no longer index and publish any of the content of this site. My response to the Google Team was:

Many thanks for your swift response. Although I agree that some of the articles posted in my site are aggregated from other sources, the site still maintains a considerable amount of articles that are exclusive to my publication. Furthermore many of the sites listed as news sources by Google News also aggregate press releases and articles produced by the major informational outlets, such as Reuters, AP, EFE, BBC, etc.

It is therefore inconsiderate, in my view, that because you have realized that such is the case with my site you have decided to remove it from the daily index. Additionaly if the test applied is that some of the articles are considered of opinion and not news related, again on that basis you will have to remove a great deal of sources.

Needless to say that they didn't appreciate my predicament concerning their duplicitous standard. However it strikes me as interesting the date picked to get this site off the news index, as it was the only one reporting Venezuelan issues from a realistic perspective. Now that it also has insightful articles regarding Argentina and its terrorist president, and the occasional unveiling the rampant corruption and dodgy connections of Brazil's Lula to narcoterrorism, well that makes three beloved leftist leaders being exposed for what they are, which is something that a great deal of people resent.

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