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The grotesque nakedness of Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

17.12.05 | To be quite frank I am having a wonderful time watching the utterly incompetent Chavez's inanity propagating machine revving up. As Quixote, fighting windmills, while painting themselves into a corner with such grotesquely deranged behaviour. The 'bolivarian revolutionaries' have got their panties in a wad due to the preliminary reports published by both the Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union electoral observers (EUEOM). So damaging are the reports that the whole chavista panoply, including El Supremo, has come out in full force to attack the messenger/s, as if such tactic will change in any way the irrefutable fact that only 17.4% of Venezuelan voters took part in December 4 plebiscite, according to Sumate. If one subtracts to that appalling figure the 1.654.797 nule votes -or 9.62% of the electorate, presumably from civil servants forced to vote, one can conclude that Venezuela's newly elected assembly of hand-picked representatives of Hugo Chavez lacks all vestiges of legitimacy. And before anyone entertains the thought of Sumate's figures not being trustworthy, let me declare that I am one of the 90% plus Venezuelans who lost confidence in the country's electoral authority.

Hence we see acting Foreign Secretary Delcy Rodriguez (sister of Jorge Rodriguez a.k.a. Venezuela's elections minister) attacking the integrity of Spanish Senator Iņaki Anasagasti thusly:

Preoccupied we saw that one of the members of the Spanish mission has demency problems, was expelled from Europe's Popular Party, and, being an observer, pretended to vote for he claimed he had Venezuelan citizenship."

As it happens Senator Anasagasti (his damning report here in Spanish) is a life-long member of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), was born in Venezuela and left for Spain very many years ago yet, as of today, he is still registered to vote (see below), in the ultra transparent electoral roll of Delcy Rodriguez's beloved brother.

And while we discuss statements of people without credibility we see Foreign Secretary stating from the WTO ministerial in Hong Kong that Venezuela shall denounce the OAS report. Well perhaps the non-Venezuelan recipients of Chavez's energy largesse will take an integrity lesson from us and vote against Castro's lapdog, however preparations to deal with the ensuing 'morality campaign' coming from FARC supporters ought to be made.

To conclude I would like to invite readers to read Miguel's "The amazing "logic" of the leaders of the revolution" for a quick review of current chavista intelligence.

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