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Venezuela Daily News Review | 15.12.05

By Aleksander Boyd

The Inter American Court of Human Rights condemns forced dissapearances in Venezuela. Rights to life, personal integrity, freedom and judicial protection were violated in December 1999.

In spite of President Hugo Chavez's policy of developing Venezuela's economy 'endogenously' imports augmented to record levels for the past 8 year period.

Presidential hopeful Roberto Smith made official his intention of winning 2006's race "with or without Jorge Rodriguez*" (* current electoral chief).

Venezuela halts beef imports from Brazil due to a foot and mouth outbreak.

El Nacional reports [A/1] that chavista dissidents from the United Amazon Indigenous People's Movement will create an independent parliamentary block.

Hugo Chavez purportedly referred to Venezuelans -regarding the 84% abstention of Dec. 4 elections- thusly "traitorous people after all I have done for them..."

Only a day after Venezuelan Minister of Defense Orlando Maniglia expressed interest in signing with Argentina a contract to overhaul FAL assault riffles, Nilda Celia Garré, Kirchner's new Defense Minister and former Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela, received the order Francisco de Miranda -one of Venezuela's highest distinctions, from Hugo Chavez who commended her "courage and bravery" (sic).

Minister of Interior Jesse Chacon stated that Venezuelan intelligence knew about the destabilizing plan of Dec 4, which, the regime claims, blames opposition sectors for inciting students riots in Trujillo state, placing explosive devices in Caracas and blowing an oil pipeline in Paraguana.

Civil servants threatened with taking their claims to the streets should the ministries of Planning and Development and Finance fail to adjust salaries. The announcement was made by Marcela Máspero on behalf of National Workers Union (UNT).

Pro-Chavez organization Militant Civic Movement denounced in San Cristobal the existence of a new discriminatory list, similar to the Tascon List, which is being used to prosecute and harass civil servants that did not bother to go vote on Dec. 4.

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