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Proof that the Chavez regime went all out to have people vote

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

12.12.05 | Just to prove how the Government of Hugo Chavez went "all out" in getting out the vote, here is this little jewel. This is a letter from Coporacion CASA C.A., the company that buys and supplies all of the Government's Mercal markets, which has become the largest importer of food in the country and an equal to the Polar group in terms of food distribution in Venezuela.

This is what this letter, dated December 2nd, two days before the election says, skipping the unimportant stuff:

To all of the companies that provide services to Corporacion Casa, S.A.

We would like to ask for your valuable collaboration in the sense of providing us with backing for the movement on the day of the elections (4/12/2005) of our countrymen to the electoral centers, obeying to the fact that these fewow countrymen lack the means to exercize the right to vote. In that sense, we require that on that day you hire 4 buses of 50 passengers each or its equivalent and that you tell us today, in writing to Fax 0212-5644267 the confirmation of your support. To that effect, we have designated our regional coordinators in your state to do the necessary coordination ....

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to ask you to communicate to all your personnel that it is indispensable for the sovereignty of our people that we all go out and vote.

Signed by Major Frank Zurita, Director of Commercialization and Logistics

Do I need to say any more?

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