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The die is cast

By Aleksander Boyd

06.12.05 | Ms. Adriana Parcerisa you voted green... Mr. Gerardo Irimia you voted yellow... One must wonder what went through their minds while Leopoldo Gonzalez announced the results... The US administration, Spain's Rodriguez Zapatero and other European politicians have stated that the results of Sunday's plebiscite in Venezuela are "worrying"... Indeed. Hugo Chavez managed an extraordinary feat; his candidates got hold of all available seats in Venezuela's National Assembly with 17.7% of the electorate's vote: that is to say, the total number of Venezuelans that thought it was important to vote for the pseudo revolution was, roughly, 2.500.000. Now check out this tidbit from Miguel "...there are 2.05 million Government workers in Venezuela..." and add this other from Iris Valera "...civil servants that do not vote today must be fired tomorrow..."

Are you following? Fine, now imagine the apprehension, fresh in most people's minds, towards the Maisanta software, coupled with Interior Minister, erstwhile coupster Jesse Chacon declarations stating ".. you know me; full force of the law shall befall upon those who seek to block Venezuelans from participating in this election..." Still there? Now picture having to negotiate constitutionally established electoral rights, such as the secrecy of the vote, with a deranged Jorge Rodriguez, who has had no qualms in admitting publicly his support for the Chavez regime.

Now throw to the mix unending funds, weapons, overtly friendly narcoterrorists, unaccountability, the head of the judiciary doing the bidding for Castro's lapdog, excellent rapports with rogue nations, dictators and fundamentalists and you can only reach an understated conclusion: worrying...

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