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Leftist "Adios" to the principle of non intervention

By Tony Pagliaro

06.12.05 | The principle of non-intervention has been part of customary international law for ages. It was founded upon the concept of respect for the territorial sovereignty of States. Traditionally intervention is prohibited where it bears upon matters in which each State is permitted to decide freely, by virtue of its sovereignty. This definitely includes the choice of national political, economic, social and cultural systems. And, obviously, national elections. During the seventies, most Marxist guerrilla groups in Latin America were acting in a concerted manner, directed, supported and coordinated from Cuba. As Castro has publicly acknowledged. Interestingly enough, the same individuals who coordinated their acts in the past are (in a different capacity) acting again in a coordinated fashion.

The recent regional “Summit” in Mar del Plata, Argentina has proved that this absolutely is true. Chávez and Kirchner (under the close coordination of Argentina’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs, the former “guerrillero”, Jorge Taiana) successfully performed, step by step, a carefully prepared “script” against the United States and its main regional allies, like Mexico. President Bush was insulted from the podium, and had to stand an uncalled for humiliation.

But regional leftist coordination goes on, unchallenged.

Cristina Kirchner is now on her way to Chile. “Queen Kristina”, as she is known in Argentina, will actively participate in the “closing rally” of the candidate of the governmental coalition, the socialist (and former leftist activist) M. Bachelet. She is the frontrunner in the Chilean national election that will take place on December 18.

This is not new, the powerful Kirchner couple has already participated in similar “closing rallies”, like the one organized in due course by the now leftist Uruguayan President, Tabaré Vazquez.

Kirchner’s officers also participated in various Venezuelan rallies in support of President Chávez, now the owner of Venezuela, with the alleged endorsement of only 25% of its population (amazingly Néstor Kirchner also took over Argentina with only 24% of popular support, due to the fact that many did not turn out to vote).

The Brazilian President “Lula” da Silva, who’s government seems to be completely flooded by corruption, recently supported openly Evo Morales in the forthcoming Bolivian election.

And the Venezuelan “Chargé d’Affaires” in La Paz, as expected, did exactly the same and, in addition, dared to insult Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga, the candidate of the center. But all this directly violates the up to now sacrosanct “principle of non-intervention”.

Elections are a very sensitive issue. Foreign intervention in such events can easily cause frictions and put in danger regional peace and security. This is, therefore, not a small matter. It is a very dangerous development. The Gospel that contains Latin American International Law is in the process of being revised. The left is doing this. In a concerted manner, once again.

Behind these moves one can see two familiar names: Castro and Chávez.

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