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Chavez could capitalize on Muslim resentment in Europe

By Nelson Bocaranda Sardi | El Universal

24.11.05 | SOON: temptation is there. The idea was seeded and caused emotion. The appropriate scenario is being prepared. The only deterrent is that European leftists, financed by Venezuela for the last seven years, consider that the issue could backfire. Chavez would denounce the inequalities, mistreatments and discrimination that black and muslim minorities suffer in Europe.

He [Chavez] wants to capitalize upon the instability and incompetence displayed by French authorities in controlling the recent riots, to alert foresightedly what, it has been ascertained to him, shall occur in Italy, Spain, Germany and England in some time.

"You can become the global leader against, not only the USA, but the G7. You will be acclaimed by the developed world's disenfranchised from within its bowels" could have been the words, give or take, uttered by the creative minds of his situational room. By the way, [the situational room] has seen an increase of foreign advisors, among which some French, that seek to implement what is called "the fear vault" as it was denounced by colleague Elizabeth Fuentes in our radio programme.

The objective, copying the Cuban, North Korean and former USSR's models, is to create an atmosphere of fear in order to terrorise society and all of its components. The indictments to five different groups in the Anderson case [the assassinated extornionist prosecutor] are part of the strategy. There are some that, still, disagree of the method's effectiveness due to analysis of reactions caused thus far. Others wish to accelerate its implementation...

Translation A. Boyd

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