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South of the border a new horror builds

By A.M. Mora y Leon | The American Thinker

11 20 05 | Communist revolutions are all alike. They are characterized by the confiscation of private property, the destruction of wealth, the targetting of the middle class and industrious minorities, the rise of the lowly vicious, death squads, internal spies, aggression abroad, internal war and massacres.

We saw it in Russia. Vietnam. Cuba. Hungary. China. Czechoslovakia. Cambodia. Nicaragua. Ethiopia. Laos. Everywhere, the same abysmal events emerged, due to the totalitarian nature of communism. We know this anti-human ‘revolution’ well.

Venezuela has moved much closer to this reality as the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez continues to amass power. Several very disturbing articles detail the newer aspects of the deep slide downward in Venezuela.

Aleksander Boyd has translated a long article from the Spanish press about Chavez’s targetting of Spanish immigrants as ‘Kulaks,’ with vicious machete-wielding thugs burning crops and silos on the Spaniards’ tiny productive farms and casting the industrious minorities out into the wilderness, in the name of the ‘people.’

Another writer, probably under a pseudonym at Venezuela Today with real knowledge and supporting photos, describes the under-the-radar rise of urban terror gangs in Venezuela’s cities. These groups, whose photos show images of middle class punks on a power trip – think ‘Che Guevara,’ – are armed with grenades, guns and mortars. They are training like military units. They rule the barrios. They are uncontrolled even by Chavez. And are planning a massacre on the middle class people still in Venezuela, again, in the name of the ‘people.’

Related to this, Miguel Octavio and Pedro Burelli have uncovered an apparently authentic document from the Venezuelan military posted, on a Google blog on the Internet by an unknown poster, maybe even U.S. intelligence. It conveys Venezuela’s hostile intentions to the West and desire for confrontation, as well as its bid to militarize all of Venezuelan society, in another echo of Stalinism which was characterized by its militarism of all society.

Meanwhile, Mexico City, once the target of Stalin’s agents in his battle with Leon Trotsky, has returned as ground zero of Hugo Chavez’s activities abroad. For us north Americans this ought to be a horrifying scenario.

Mexico is in the throes of an election, and a far leftist, whose lieutenants are at least aligned with Hugo Chavez, leads in the polls. Chavez’s agents, including his ambassador, have openly aided pro-Chavez, anti-U.S. ‘Bolivarian Circles’ on the campus of Mexico’s state university and through Mexican society, including its Congress. They’ve also apparently been involved in godfathering new urban terror groups in Mexico who are just beginning to show their muscle, blowing up banks as a means of protesting free trade (read: Mexico’s relationship with the U.S.)

This is an new bold effort to turn Mexico into an enemy of the U.S. and into a satellite of Venezuela and Cuba. Aleksander Boyd has a translation of coverage from the Mexican press.

In the past few months, while we were going about our daily lives, eating breakfast, driving to work, these events, utterly recognizable from the epoch of Stalin were happening just 1400 miles from our shores, as plumes of burning smoke from the llano rose, gun shipments were unloaded from docks, and cash was passed in Mexico City. In the age of Google News and Google Earth, we should have known at least some of this much sooner, even as we know of it well ahead of the mainstream media. A new horror is rapidly building in our own hemisphere. We are going to have to get serious about a serious response to this unfinished business. Stalin is still not buried.

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